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Last update: July 28, 2010

The 2011 Academy meeting date is set: July 24-28, 2011 in Singapore

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Application for Membership
International Academy for Intercultural Research

Purpose: The Academy provides a forum where senior intercultural researchers, academics, and practitioners can exchange ideas, theories, research and successful approaches to practice.  In this way, the Academy fosters high level interdisciplinary research and scholarship on intercultural issues.  Modest membership fee is based on a sliding scale according to the member’s income.  Benefits include subscription to the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, the Official Journal of the Academy, and reduced fees at the Academy’s biennial conferences and other benefits. 

Three levels of membership are available: Fellow, Member, and Student.  Criteria and application procedures are given below. The Membership Committee will determine the level of membership based on the information provided on the application.  Specific information on each level is provided below:

1. Fellow: This category is for senior researchers who have made significant and enduring contributions to research in the field of intercultural relations, most commonly through books and a body of scholarly publications in relevant journals (e.g., the International Journal of Intercultural Relations).  Typically, Fellows will have 7 or more years post Ph.D or equivalent degree, and have attained an academic rank equivalent to Full Professor with tenure at a University or College.  If they are practitioners, they should have attained an equivalent level of accomplishment in research based applied work, and have demonstrated a high degree of interest in research. Election to Fellow requires that the nominator be a Fellow of the Academy who will complete the Fellow Nomination form and forward a copy of the nominee’s vita to the Membership Committee which then makes a recommendation to the Academy Board for final action. If you are in doubt as to who are Fellows, contact the Executive Director of the Academy.

2. Member: This category is for researchers in intercultural relations who have attained the Ph.D or equivalent degree and are active in research in the field.  They would normally be working as an Assistant or Junior Associate Professor or Research Associate at a University or College.  If they are practitioners, they should have attained an equivalent level of accomplishment using research based applied work, and should have demonstrated a high degree of interest in research.  Members should demonstrate a commitment to the intercultural field through their education and/or work.

3. Student: This category is for Masters and Doctoral students who are either full-time students pursuing a graduate degree related to intercultural relations, OR part-time students who can submit a letter from their advisor that they are making satisfactory progress toward a degree.  They must be enrolled in an institution accredited by the appropriate agency. Students should also provide a letter from the professor who knows their work and can attest to their interest in this field of scholarship.

4. Other: Persons with a terminal Masters degree who are not students working toward a doctorate may qualify for membership if they have published research in referred journals or books, or have written non self-published books that advance the field of intercultural relations.  The Membership Committee will make a determination based on the submitted evidence.


Submit Applications to:

Professor Rosita Albert
Department of Communication
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN USA 55401


To apply on-line (the preferred method), click on one of the following links (they are both identical, but sometimes one doesn’t work):

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